Mathematics 9

Mathematics 9 builds on concepts and skills learned in previous years.

Key topics covered in Math 9 are numeracy including powers and exponents; patterns and relations including linear relations, problem solving and polynomial expressions; shape including circles; space; and statistical data analysis. Learning support for students is available both on site and online.

Math 9 First Assignment Instructions.

Hello, in order to become fully enrolled in Math 9,  you need to complete registration forms and an assignment that demonstrates that you have engaged in at least 5% of the learning activities for the course.

Below you will find links to webpages that will provide you with instruction, and practice questions covering the learning outcomes for your first assignment – which is explained below.

For all of the following lessons (1-4), please complete the practice assignment and correct your work using the answers or the solution videos.

  1. First, watch the lesson and complete the practice assignment on your own sheet of paper (show all of your workings – I will not accept work with answers only) – only on one side (the reason is in step three below)
  2. Second, self-assess your work using the answer key attached to the assignment (ie. mark it.)
  3. Third, for all questions that you marked as incorrect, complete corrections on the back side of the paper (if you get stuck you may want to watch the practice solution video for help)
  4. Complete your assignment and email it to the together with your completed registration documents.  The assignment is required as part of your registration package.Your Math 9 teacher will send   you an email with log-in information and instructions on how to continue with the course.
  5. A face-to-face meeting is not required, but you may book an appointment to meet your Math 9 teacher if you wish!  To book an appointment, please email.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

First Assignment Rubric Math 9