Planification 10 – French Immersion

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Planification 10 – COURSE OVERVIEW

Planification 10 is a French Immersion version of Planning 10, a four-credit course that must be completed in order to satisfy provincial graduation requirements. Four areas of focus in Planning 10 are: 1. Career and Education; 2. Graduation Program; 3. Healthy Living and 4. Financial Literacy.

Planning 10 is designed to help students develop the skills they need to become self-directed individuals capable of setting goals, making thoughtful decisions, and taking responsibility for themselves and their lives. The following broad goals reflect the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for this course. Students will become informed decision makers, able to understand the effects of their choices on themselves and others.

  • Students will learn to access and analyse information, and determine its accuracy, bias, and relevance.
  • Students will develop an understanding of their personal responsibility for attaining and maintaining their overall health and financial well-being, and for pursuing and achieving their education and career goals.
  • Students will develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that enable them to plan for their successful transition from secondary school to their adult lives.

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