Science 9

Science 9  builds on concepts and skills learned in previous years. Topics covered in this course are chemistry including atoms, elements & compounds; biology and reproduction; physics and electricity; earth science and space exploration. Learning support for students is available both on site and online.

Science 9 First Assignment Instructions:

In order to become fully enrolled in Science 9, you will need to complete an assignment that demonstrates that you have engaged in at least 5% of the learning activities for the course.

  1. Save the “Instructions” and “Worksheet” files to your computer (see link below).  You will be able to type into the PDF worksheet by opening the document in Adobe Reader (See separate link below for Adobe Reader if you need it).  Go to Comment > Annotations > “T” (add text tool).
  2. Complete your assignment and email it to the  together with your completed registration documents.  The assignment is required as part of your registration package.
  3. Your Science 9 teacher will send you an email with log-in information and instructions on how to continue with the course.

If you have any questions about the assignment, please contact the Science 9 teacher, June Hinshaw-

Free Adobe Reader Download:

Science 9 First Assignment Instructions Worksheet

Science 9 First Assignment Readings