Pre-Calculus 11

Pre-Calculus 11 Curriculum

Pre-Calculus 11 Course Outline

This course is meant for students going into math, science, engineering, and other post-secondary programs that require calculus. The key concepts covered in Pre-Calculus 11 are as follows:

  • Algebra and Number – absolute value, operations on radical numbers and expressions, solving and applying radical equations, using rational expressions, solving and applying rational equations
  • Geometry – angles in the standard position, trigonometric ratios, using the sine and cosine laws
  • Relations and Functions – factoring polynomial expressions, using absolute value functions, analyzing quadratic functions, solving and applying quadratic equations, solving and applying linear-quadratic and quadratic systems of equations, applying linear and quadratic inequalities, analyzing and applying arithmetic sequences and series, analyzing and applying geometric sequences and series, reciprocal functions.

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